Friday, January 27, 2012

Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

If you were a progeny of the Bush’s or Buckley’s you would not dare to bring home a Jew or Black person especially in connection with dating or marriage. We have two vignettes by two different authors attesting to the Aryan ideals of each family.

Our first episode comes from A Family of Secrets by Russ Baker who reports Barbara Bush’s hostility to Jews. As the stodgily coiffed matron of the Bush White Anglo Saxon Protestant clan she stood guard over the family’s purity.

Baker reports on the engagement of George W. Bush to Cathryn Wolfman which, after its announcement in a local paper, entirely disappeared with nary a trace. Baker relates former Bush friend Cody Shearer as stating that Barbara could not “abide the fact Cathryn’s stepfather was Jewish.” “ There’ll be no Jews in our family,” she quoted the former first lady.

At this point we have to ask if it matters. After all, many Jews, relying on Biblical injunction, refuse to intermarry and forbid their children from doing likewise. The regard for racial purity is a two way street. In any event, ought not people be allowed to associate as they chose?

I don’t think that anyone would begrudge another to associate freely, but we know that behind this desire to maintain the WASP bloodline is a deep antipathy - if perhaps hatred - for Jews animating the choice. In the Bush case, it is very clear since it was only Cathryn’s stepfather who was Jewish. In any event the Bush’s attitude is entirely disgusting. They, in my opinion, are clearly anti-Semitic.

Can anyone imagine Barbara Bush’s reaction if George brought home a black woman for dinner?

Our next episode of elitist anti-Semitism comes from Plausible Denial by Mark Lane, the erudite lawyer who defended The Spotlight against a defamation suit brought about by Kennedy co-assassin E. Howard Hunt.

He reports the odious, arrogant, and obnoxious William Buckley, whom he defeated in another lawsuit, who cited in court as an example of his unbigoted nature the fact that he invited someone Jewish to a party he hosted. Lane noted that Buckley used six syllables to say Jewish in order to communicate his disgust for Jewish people.

That the bilious Buckley held these views is no surprise – he of Catholic persuasion. We can only imagine the limitation of the friendship of the Buckleys and Bushs due to the former’s Catholicity. But as a fellow Bonesman, all was forgiven without doubt.

I am sure that Buckley loved Catholicism due to its highly authoritarian and hierarchical nature.

So Buckley pulled a trick from his CIA days – which contrary to his protestations continued all the days of his life – the trick of plausible deniability – to evade accusations of anti-Semitism by inviting a “JJeewwiissh” person to a party.

Can there be any rational explanation about the anti-Semitism of these people and why Americans accord them such high office and respect?

Plausible Denial, Mark Lane
A Family of Secrets, Russ Baker

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