Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Benghazi Hoax

While the Benghazi massacre appears to be an act of terrorism, the truth is far more complicated than what Americans have been told – the October Surprise came a month early.
Four Americans, including the US ambassador to Libya , Christopher Stevens, were murdered in Benghazi Libya on September 11, 2012 at the American Embassy. Explanations were fast and furious. The White House initially claimed that the attack spontaneously erupted in protest of a defamatory anti Islam film which went viral on You Tube. The neoconservatives immediately claimed that the attack was the result of terrorists, more specifically al Qaeda. Is either answer correct?
The short answer is, yes. We believe that the attacks were indeed executed by al Qaeda as a planned assault on the embassy, but the full elaboration of the explanation is far more sinister. We believe, after studying the various tactics of the Wall Street controlled CIA, that the assault was directed to accomplish a few specific political and strategy goals.
The first hint came with Mitt Romney’s indelicate exposure to an ostensibly private group that he hoped for a surprise event which would rescue his Bob Dole campaign from oblivion. Shortly after making those remarks, the 9/11 anniversary attacks erupted on a surprised US embassy. Mitt got his wish, or should we say that the clairvoyant's words proved true?
The White House, we believe, was caught off guard and tried to spring the preposterous story about a You Tube video as the inspiration of the spontaneous attacks. However, one does not bring mortars, grenade launchers, and rifles to a spontaneous protest. The presence of these weapons indicates a very powerful planning force animating the attacks.
The assault bore the signs of signature US intelligence prep work in the many cables which  were submitted over several months to various entities including the White House. This paper trail creates abundant opportunities for finger pointing and blame sharing so typical of CIA orchestrations. Congress and independent counsels can investigate ad infinitum and have rich semaphores for sending the findings in any number of directions depending upon the cooperation of the victims, patsies, and moles. In this case the storyline is a bungled presidency by its current occupant.
Immediately after the attacks, the rabid neocons at Fox News – and that includes all of them – started playing the terrorist card. Joseph Goebbels wannabe Sean Hannity lead the charge with his hysterical allegations that the assault was a terrorist attack which required immediate action if not heaping of blame on the president. He complemented his invectives with support from the usual suspects including John Bolton, Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer, and vice Satan himself, Dick Cheney.
We can point out, with a long paper trail of our own, that we are no fan of the president . Thus we caution those who see this analysis as his defense. We merely assert that he was the victim of the crisis to enable Mitt Romney’s elevation to the presidency by the Bush Crime Syndicate.
The attack accomplished at least two goals. The first is that it eroded Soetoro’s standing with many Americans who want to see America strong and decisive. Soetoro’s preoccupation with campaign matters – such as television appearances – did not develop that vision of America. The president can now be painted as a foreign policy derelict by those hawks clammoring for more war and arms spending.
The second purpose of the attacks was to keep alive the fear mongering created by 9/11  engineered in part to further eviscerate American freedoms. Both the Rockefeller Axis of Evil and the Bush Crime Syndicate have long standing goals to subjugate America to its political ambitions, both of which lead to world domination.
One pivotal actor who has been missing in action in the initial days and weeks after the attacks was Hillary Clinton, whom we believe supplied the pretext for the weak Soetoro persona when her State Department advertised widely throughout the Middle East apologies for past American sins. Indeed the apologies were long overdue in some sense, but without apologizing on behalf of the CIA, they were crocodile tears. But the apologies play well with the red meat crowd who will now point to the Neville Chamberlain airs of Mr Obama/Soetoro.
While we should have made the point earlier, we must stress that al Qaeda always has been and is to this day a mercenary force of the CIA. When you see or hear anything about al Qaeda, you should understand that al Qaeda means database in Arabic – and is a veritable Rolodex of criminal thugs who do the Agency’s dirty work. So Mr Hannity was correct to label al Qaeda as the guilty party, but in so doing, he was exposing his favorite spook supply, the CIA.
The Libya incident is the perfect context for vastly increased military spending to be used on more wars of foreign aggression and to remove Obama, whose loyalties are to the Rockefeller Axis of Evil, from office so that the war president may takeover the duties of sending more Americans to their deaths in the nether reaches of the globe, especially in the oil rich Middle East.
Finally we must ask why the four men killed, including two Navy Seals, were targeted. It is possible that the Seals were accidental losses, but it is most likely that their murders would be viewed as symbolic of American pride and therefore a stronger rallying cry to stir Americans to action. The ambassador, we suspect, was a thorn in the side or threat to elements of the Bush Crime Syndicate.
A third reason for the staged attacks on Libya was to provide American military with a remote theater base from which to plan and supply attacks on Syria and Iran. Damascus will be demolished into a parking lot by America munitions which will include light weight nuclear devices such as those used in 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers by the BCS lead coalition against America.
Watch for CIA mouthpiece Fox News to grow more rabid in calling for action, heads to roll, and further embarrassment of the Obama administration. For its part, watch for the Administration to spew forth more preposterous lies about the events leading to the attack. Our prediction is that Soetoro is cooked - entrapped by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, and he can thank his Wall Street buddies, to whom he shoveled trillions of dollars, for the betrayal.

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