Sunday, September 8, 2013

Harvey and Lee Theory Thrown in Doubt

The famous Harvey and Lee story positing the existence of two persons assuming the identity of Lee Harvey Oswald was dealt a serious blow by Judyth Vary Baker in an interview with Jim Fetzer.
The Harvey and Lee theory was advanced by John Armstrong who noticed numerous inconsistencies in the appearances, actions, and sightings of the man we know as Lee Harvey Oswald, especially in relationship to biographical material. To resolve the discrepancies in the biography of Oswald, Armstrong posits that there were indeed at least 2 different men who impersonated the same character in order to account for the numerous anomalies in the Oswald story. To distinguish the 2 characters, he calls one Harvey and the other Lee.
Baker told Fetzer in 2010 that Lee Oswald had numerous distinct characteristics which she knew quite intimately and that allow her to know that in many cases that the man we see in the photographs was Lee Oswald. One such characteristic is his eye color which said had an outer ring of brown with the remainder hazel/blue color.
She also said that many of the photos, especially those taken after his arrest were altered to place a smirk on his face by drawing in Joker lines at the edge of his lips. She said that he knew the seriousness of his situation and that smirking or laughing would not have helped his cause.
Baker revealed that many photos had been "copied and pasted," so to speak, that loss of detail and fidelity to Lee had been lost.
While we have provided incontrovertible proof that Roscoe White did indeed impersonate Oswald in the backyard photos of "Oswald" holding a rifle, these latest revelations from Baker, who knew Oswald quite intimately, suggests that the deception was not nearly as advanced as told by Armstrong.

On the other hand, in a different interview, she acknowledged that Oswald knew that he was being impersonated and that it didn't really bother him.
So while Oswald was impersonated from 1959 onward, the impersonation may not extend into his life going back to early childhood. The case for caution has certainly been made by Baker's inside knowledge of Oswald.

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