Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chess In the Ukraine

Geopolitical chess just became more complicated with the US sponsored coup in Russia's backyard. This move in the Ukraine was a Zionist Neocon gambit to take back Syria.
When Russian president Putin blunted Zionist Neocon puppet president Obama's incursion into Syria, the puppet masters struck back with a coup in the Ukraine. While the events may seem unrelated, they correlate in strategic petro-chess.
The US attempted in 2013 to invade Syria as part of the Zionist Project for a New American Century plan to take over the Middle East. The Zionist Neocons fabricated the plan in the 1970s-80s to take the oil fields of the Middle East.
Over the past 15 years, economic developments have centered on pipelines crisscrossing the region to deliver oil and natural gas from various producers. The Zionist Neocons realized that Russia and Iran posed significant economic competition, especially with Chinese support, in the area of oil delivery and control.
He who controls the pipelines controls the oil. Thus the Neocons launched an all out war for the Middle East to bring the pipelines and territories under their control. That was one of the leading motivations for invading Iraq.
While the Russians and Syrians joined an alliance which the Zionists could not ultimately sever, the latter moved their attacks closer to Russian borders by attempting to knock the Ukraine into Nato's orbit and out of Russia's. This development has forced Russian ships out of their Syrian docks into the Black Sea toward the Crimea. Diluting Russian strength in Syria is the perfect prelude to resuming "regime change" in that country.
This would be much like the Russians planting missiles in Cuba, and so the Russians recently docked a destroyer there to show the Zionists that 2 could play that game. Unfortunately the Zionist government in Washington is plagued with second and third rate leaders who play these games for total war. There are no Kennedys and Khrushchevs to keep the mentally deficient thugs in the Pentagon from launching all out war.
Although the Zionists do not necessarily have the best weapons technology, and have blundered incredibly in recent power games with other countries such as Syria and Iran, it will not prevent the war mongers from launching one last wheezing gasp of an invasion somewhere to keep their hopes of totalitarian empire alive.
Whoever wins Ukraine wins the battle. The war will continue, but the advantage will be decidedly to the victor in the Ukraine. It is unlikely that Russia will lose.

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