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Chronicle Update: The Strange Case of Titanic and Californian

After viewing a fine presentation by John Hamer on the sinking of the Titanic, we wanted to comment on the role of the Californian, the ship which mysteriously idled in the middle of the Atlantic with 3000 woolen sweaters, and point out to our readers some new facts which we did not have when we first published our story of the Titanic treachery.
Hamer produces a narrative which matches ours, which we in turn aggregated from other presentations paralleling Hamer's. Yet he developed the situation in the Atlantic much better than the others, especially that of the Californian.
It is helpful to fully understand the configuration of ships in the vicinity of the Atlantic. First there was the Titanic, but 19 miles away and over the horizon was the Californian, an ocean liner with absolutely no passengers or cargo save for 3000 wool blankets and sweaters, sitting in the middle of nowhere under the command of Captain Lord.
We also discovered that a seal hunting boat named the Samson was between the Titanic and the Californian. Lord was expecting to see flares of red, white, and blue to signal him to save the passengers on the Titanic, yet all his crew saw that night was white flares, thus lulling him into inaction when the Titanic was sinking.
The white flares came from the Samson which was signaling its row boats back to ship. These are the flares the Californian crew saw. Since seal hunting was illegal, its captain did not come forth with this information, thus causing a great perplexity as to why the Californian did not respond to distress signals. The reason was plain as day - Lord was instructed to respond to red, white, and blue flares -not white flares.
This confusion may have been circumstantial - we are not positive. It could also have been planned as part of the deception of Lord so that he would not save the Titanic passengers. There is good reason to believe that the Samson was a decoy sent to purposefully confuse Lord. Our reason for thinking so is due to another problem with his ship's positioning.
The Californian was over the horizon, in a position where it could not possibly have seen the flares from the Titanic any way. We believe that these 2 situations were specifically engineered to keep Lord from doing anything but sitting in the water, and that he had been ordered to his precise location either explicitly or through deception.
Another discovery we made from Hamer is that there was an ice breaker in the immediate vicinity of the Titanic at the time it suffered its fatal damage. Hamer suggests, but we assert, that the Titanic was hit by the ice breaker. Hamer states that there is no hard evidence that the Titanic hit the an iceberg.
He deals with the assumption that it must have hit an iceberg because of all of the ice on the decks of the ship. However, the night was quite cold, and ice adhered to many surfaces, masts, and other devices on the ship. A sudden jarring as that from an ice breaker would have been sufficient to knock loose the built up ice. Consequently, we cannot use the ice chunks on the Titanic as a basis for believing that it hit an iceberg.
In our earlier report, we noted the presences of John Guggenheim, Jacob Astor, and Isador Strauss on the Titanic. These were powerful men who opposed J P Morgan's plan for the Federal Reserve System. Yet while so many other aristocrats were warned away from the Titanic, these 3 prominent men were on board. Clearly Morgan wanted them there because he wanted to murder them so that he could guarantee the establishment of the Federal Reserve through Bernard Baruch's sock puppet Woodrow Wilson who was campaigning for the presidency.
But wasn't the Californian on standby to save the Titanic? Absolutely not. The captain of the Titanic was induced to carry out the dangerous faked iceberg stunt by assurances that the Californian would save them. But Morgan had absolutely no intention of doing so. He was simply trying to deceive both Smith and Lord that they were playing a safe prank which would not result in any loss of life. The idea of a perfect sinking was laughable on its face, but neither Smith nor Lord were the brightest bulbs on the tree.
Morgan planned all along to sink the Titanic, which in fact was the crippled Olympic, the Titanic's sister ship, in order to defraud Lloyd's of London of the insurance money, just as his plutocratic heirs would do with the World Trade Center 90 years later. He needed to get rid of all of the witnesses to his insurance fraud because he was not about to be blackmailed. Furthermore, he was most anxious to murder Guggenheim, Astor, and Strauss.
With Smith dead - and his demise was no loss - and very corrupt inquiries on both sides of the Atlantic, it was easy to frame Lord as the patsy.
With Hamer's excellent reconstruction of the Titanic's voyage, Morgan's motives and his vile treachery are abundantly clear. The mystery of the Titanic is solved.

John Hamer, Titanic: The Great Deception, We Are Change, December 5, 2012, Lancashire, YouTube accessed 9/20/2014

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